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            (pronounced i-quiz-er)


Objective: Identify qualified prospects through marketing activity and set up introductory meeting based on free business assessment.

Detection Process: Identify prospects via referrals, networking events, mastermind groups. Qualify that prospect is the decision maker, has bottom line performance responsibility and there is available funding. Ask “Would you be interested in guaranteed bottom line business performance improvement?”

Deliverable: Offer of a free one hour Business Health Check.

Action: “YES” to offer.

Stage 2: QUALIFY

Objective: Qualify prospect for an Exploration Workshop.

Encounter Process: One hour Health Check Questionnaire with 3 Wishes and identified achievements levels.

Deliverable: Completed Health Check Assessment with priorities and financial benefits.

Action: The “What” Question. (What happens next? What do we need to do to achieve benefits?)

Stage 3: SPECIFY

Objective: Specify action plan to build a Purpose Driven Business.

Exploration Process: Structured analysis and planning workshop – 0.5 to 3 Days.

Deliverable: Action Plan with priorities, timing, targets and responsibilities.

Action: The “How” and “Who” Question. (How do we do this? Who does this?)

Stage 4: RECTIFY

Objective: Rectify the business using the Business SOAPBox concept and THUNDER Programme to build a Purpose Driven Business.

Creation Process: SOAPBox Team and THUNDER programme – 12 to 36 months.

Deliverable: Bottom line performance targets.