Our approach with our clients is to always focus on the key underlying performance metrics that drive business purpose and business success. In commercial businesses these metrics are inevitably revenue and profit but in non-commercial organisations the core performance metrics may be something different and it is always important to identify these at the beginning of any engagement.


We then engage directly with the person ultimately responsible for the delivery of these metrics, and hence with responsibility for ensuring business success.

We then jointly identify the key areas in the business that are not aligned, and hence not performing optimally, and develop an alignment programme to address these areas. We agree on targets for improvement in the performance metrics.

We find in many cases that we initially need to start off by identifying the alignment areas through the use of a number of our tools. Although the performance deficiencies are readily visibly, the underlying causes are often not clearly understood.

We have found that we generally start a programme by using one of the following three tools:

  • Executive Coaching with the CEO/MD.
  • Leadership Mastermind Programmes with the senior management team.
  • Vantagepoint Workshop with the extended management team.

Each of these tools enables us to start to highlight areas that we need to focus on with The THUNDER Formula and to develop and refine the Programme, with deliverables, timing and costs.

Who is our typical client?

Knowledge based independent business or autonomous division, typically in the ICT, Engineering, Consulting or Projects field.

Mid-size with between R25m to R500m annual revenue and between 10 and 250 employees delivering complex solutions and has been successful but growth is slowing down.

Business typically started and still run by technical/academic individuals or teams and is now hitting a growth lid as market dynamics require focus to move from product and solution development to new sales and business development.

Organisation structure is flat with teams often operating remotely, either as separate offices or as independent project teams.

What are the typical issues our clients are experiencing?

Revenue and growth targets not being met and value of sales pipeline dropping . Often no designated sales/business development team or strategy to develop sustainable customer relationships.

Increasing or high staff turnover and difficulty finding the right replacements.

Motivation levels down with increasing negative rumours, grapevine and corridor talk.

Conflict/disagreements in management team or across functional/divisional boundaries resulting in silo mentality.

Need or desire to transfer power/responsibility from original founder/CEO to someone else.

What are the typical results of our programmes?

Development of a sustainable sales pipeline and closing sales opportunities.

Grow in revenue and profitability and reduction in staff turnover by creating a purpose driven business with aligned multicultural cross-boundary business teams.

Typical Programmes

There is no standard programme as every organisation is different, both in terms of its own purpose, as well as the people who work in it. We therefore develop a tailored programme for each of our clients. The common thread is that they all follow The THUNDER Formula of THink, UNderstand, DEploy and Review, but the tools we use and how we use them will be different in each case.

We have found that a typical programme will be a minimum of 6 months with a 12 month duration. We have found the most effective programmes are made up from a quarterly one and a half day workshop and then regular interactions from weekly to monthly. We rarely get involved in full time interventions, although this can happen when we carry out interim management or project specific consulting functions.


Below are some typical programmes:

Programme 1:  Management Team Alignment

  • Quarterly Vantagepoint Workshops
  • Monthly Executive Coaching
  • Bi- weekly Leadership Development Programme
  • Weekly Management Meeting Facilitation
  • Monthly Programme Reviews


Programme 2: Sales Team Alignment

  • Quarterly workshops including skills training, Vantagepoint and Role plays.
  • Monthly Sales Team Performance Review Meetings
  • Monthly Sales Manager Coaching/Mentoring Session.
  • Weekly Sales Team Mastermind Meetings.
  • Weekly Sales Team Meeting Facilitation
  • Sales Team Consulting Support
  • Monthly Programme Reviews.


Programme 3: Operations/Administration Alignment

  • Quarterly Vantagepoint Workshops
  • Monthly Executive Coaching
  • Bi-weekly Group Coaching
  • Weekly Mastermind Groups.

Typical Costs and Value

As each programme varies, costs are specific to each customer and programme. A key philosophy in all our interventions is that we should continuously be adding value, and this needs to be measured against agreed metrics. We know we can guarantee performance results if we are able  to manage all the variables driving the performance metrics, but in reality this rarely happens so we have found the best way to work , and the most acceptable to our clients, is to work on a fixed monthly fee with the ability of the client to cancel the agreement at a months’ notice if they are not satisfied with performance.

During the course of a programme we have found that three programme variations may occur.


  1. The first is where we can change the content of the programme to address a different issue while keeping the monthly fee the same.
  2. The second is where we increase the content of the programme and change the monthly fee accordingly.
  3. The third is where a specific additional interaction or service is required and we carry this out under a separate agreement.

We have found that monthly costs of a programme would typically be in the order of the cost of a senior manager in your organisation.