Newsletter 38: How To Go From Burnout To Breakthrough

By Daniella Shapiro, Sep 28, 2017

Sometimes it takes hitting a rock bottom moment in your life to wake up your inner being for you to recognise your full potential and growth.

Why do you have go to hell and back to work out that your life needs to be re-evaluated?

Reality check. Nothing worthwhile comes easy! You need to know when to press the pause button and reassess where you are at. The journey to success comes with failure and more failure. You can either cry about it, or overcome it. The choice is yours.


Does this scenario sound familiar?

You begin to doubt yourself and question your choices and decisions. You feel like you are taking ten steps backwards after all the hard work you have put in.  You are constantly logging onto social media and comparing yourself to others as what “seems” to be portrayed as the “perfect picture of success and happiness.” It is important to recognise that all these platforms can easily be fake personas that are portrayed online.

This is NOT REAL LIFE. It is a fabrication of what those people want you to see.  It is not genuine, authentic or transparent. Do not get caught up in the social media hype or you will lose yourself. Nothing and no one’s life is perfect. Perfection doesn’t exist.

WARNING. When high levels of stress, anxiety, and fatigue start taking over it’s time for serious intervention. If you are beginning to feel overwhelmed by emotional and physical exhaustion which continues to linger on longer than usual, it’s called a “burnout.”

Stress is toxic to your overall well-being. It’s a clear sign that you are due for a Mental Health Day and some “ME” time.


Putting yourself first

What would a mental health day look like to you? You choose. Because it’s your time on your terms. First port of call? No calls. Cut the connectivity and connect to self. To do this you may need to go old-school and pick up a pen and paper (Shock horror!). But yes – write yourself a wonderfully honest letter.

You may be surprised just how many of the answers you already hold within. Journaling and stream of consciousness writing releases subconscious thoughts that hold a wealth of information for us.


Let’s go outside (in the sunshine)

Getting out of your four-walled cage can help free your inner peace. You may rediscover ‘simple’ and powerful joys by taking your furry friends for a walk in the park. Hug a tree. Puts things in perspective when you are literally, and symbolically making progress by taking things one step at a time.

Increase your vitamin D and boost your mood. Exercise also releases endorphins that have a natural feel good factor. Nature is a powerful healer.


Make it Mindful

Feed your soul exactly what it craves. Stop fighting your own best instincts and do what feels natural for you. Caring for yourself is an instinctive process that flows from your soul. Healthy eating, meditation, enjoyable movement, yoga, away from the cyber-glare, are sure to leave you feeling nurtured by no other than your very own self.

Yes, that’s right. You will remember that you are there for you, and the fake, icy self-neglect of the rat race very quickly melts away in the warmth of some genuine self-care.


Ready to rock on

Reinforced, you will find that after reconnecting with your truth and healthful priorities, you will be able to return to your career/responsibilities with new purpose and individual flair, without needing to sell your soul or compromise your health. Set boundaries to preserve a balance and protect against falling into the same trap in the future. Remember, never a failure, always a lesson.


The beauty of entrepreneurship is in the ugly

It’s in the hustle. It’s in the crappy. It’s in the know-how. It’s in the resourcefulness. It’s getting things done when it seems impossible. It’s being broke. It’s overcoming adversity. It’s ignoring other people who tell you that you won’t. It’s ignoring yourself when you say, “I can’t.” It’s making things happen against all odds. It’s turning problems into solutions. It’s thinking strategically AND creatively. Above all It’s possible.

Yes. It is.

And no, it won’t be easy. Every little bit of it, is within your grasp.

Just remember to breathe. You don’t have to sprint to the end and you don’t have to be the fastest, fittest or care what other people are going to think because none of that matters. Just start putting one foot in front of the other.

You are the CEO of your own life. Take control of it. Balance is key.

P.S Remember to make time to stop and smell the roses.

Daniella Shapiro is Founder and CEO of, a consulting company on the front lines of marketing, social media and branding strategies.

*This article was originally posted on Entrepreneur Magazine

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