Newsletter 11: 3 Workplace Trends Millennials Are Eliminating in 2017

Elizabeth Dukes gives us three typical workplace practices that will become extinct in 2017 and beyond, as younger generations begin to dominate the work force.


  1. Email Will No Longer Be the Primary Internal Communication Tool

As the presence of tech-savvy Millennials grows in the work force, businesses can expect to see greater adoption of different internal communication tools like live chat, project management platforms, and collaboration technology, as a replacement for traditional emails.


  1. Traditional Office Space Designs Will Become Extinct

Millennial leaders are transforming the way workspaces are designed to encourage broader communication and ongoing collaboration. Modern business leaders are adopting approaches to workplace design by eliminating cubicles and divided departments, and allowing for open meeting spaces and seating areas. Open offices better facilitate communication and encourage more in-person interaction. This leads to better problem solving, more rapid collaboration, and community development.


  1. Strict Office Hours Will No Longer Exist

Technology makes it possible for businesses to eliminate the traditional 9-to-5 schedule. Hyper-connected Millennial business leaders are creating work environments that give employees more flexibility over their schedules, using technology to allow people to work when and where it works best for them.

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