Newsletter 10: 10 Ways to Become a More Charismatic Person

Thankfully, charisma isn’t necessarily something you’re born with. Like most skills, it is something you can develop through daily practice. Members of the Young Entrepreneur Council give their personal tips to being charismatic.


  1. Manage your nerves. —Kristopher Jones,


  1. Listen with intent. —Kelsey Meyer, Influence & Co.


  1. Be relatable. —Nicole Munoz, Start Ranking Now


  1. Talk about your passions. —Alan Carniol, Interview Success Formula


  1. Give more than you take. —Eric Mathews, Start Co.


  1. Have a sense of humour. —Yoav Vilner, Ranky


  1. Be adaptable to the situation. —Bryanne Lawless, BLND Public Relations


  1. Remember names. —Diego Orjuela, Cables & Sensors


  1. Have genuine interest. —Ajit Nawalkha, Mindvalley


  1. Ask more questions. —Tommy Mello, A1 Garage Door Repair

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