Newsletter 05: 5 Ways to Stay Productive and Focused All Day, Every Day

Bradley Tusk owns four businesses as well as a family foundation and is pretty busy.

So how does he actually make the trains run on time? A lot of people keep asking him that, so he has given an outline of how he does it.


  1. The morning routine

He believes a strict morning routine is critical to having a productive day.


  1. Tracking

Nothing happens unless you make it happen, and that only gets done if you vigilantly know what’s going on at all times.


  1. Know thyself

He founded every business that he owns, and each one is directly tailored to maximize and monetize the skills, experience and expertise he has developed over the course of his career. This keeps work interesting to him and that makes it a lot easier to stay focused and on task. When you’re bored, you make mistakes. And you’re not productive.


  1. Mental breaks

Everyone needs some time to refresh.


  1. The day ends

His end of the day routine is not entirely work-focused but there are a few rules he sticks to:

  • He goes to bed early and is usually asleep by 10, sometimes earlier.
  • He does not end the day until all emails are responded to, all calls are returned, and the next day’s to-do list is written.


Discipline, responsiveness, focus, learning, and creating are all goals worth pursuing; not just because achieving them gets you what you want, but because the process along the way helps make you the kind of person you want to be.

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