BSI is a group of established organisations who have collaborated to provide comprehensive purpose-driven business solutions to support the growth and sustainability of businesses in the South African market. An extensive client base covers organisations in a broad range of business sectors, from entrepreneurial startups to large established multi-nationals.


BSI specialises in providing a one stop solution to building successful businesses by emphasizing business purpose, executive and operational leadership, effective market research and practical, proven sales tactics and actions. In addition to this, members have extensive experience in labour and change management issues, project engineering, manufacturing, strategic selling and IT solutions.


The key differentiator of the BSI Team is the vast skills and knowledge base that has been gained through extensive real world experience in starting, building and running businesses in the challenging South African market place. The highly qualified BSI Team brings together real world experience of the application of solid business principles, not just knowledge through academic study and business consulting. If something is happening in your business, you can be sure that a member of the BSI Team has been in a similar situation in the past, has faced the challenge and has overcome it.


Members of BSI represent, or are certified by, several leading global organisations and have developed many unique and effective tools that have been proven both locally and internationally.


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