Based on the BSi Philosophy, how do we create Purpose Driven Action?

We create Purpose Driven Action by using the Thunder formula; the methodology developed by Business Solutions Initiative (BSi).

The Thunder methodology has been derived from both real world business experience as well as theory and research. It has intentionally been kept as simple as possible, as simplicity is one of the keys to understanding, sustainability and success. Although the principles and processes used are simple, often the implementation requires a bit more work! There is no quick fix, or silver bullet. Business success requires ongoing effort and commitment.

What is THUNDER?

THUNDER is the methodology we use to create PaQ or Purpose Aligned Skills, the critical component to ensure Purpose Driven Action. THUNDER is simply a Mnemonic for the process to develop Purpose Driven Action.

There are four components to the Thunder Formula:

TH: Think

UN: UNderstand

DE: DEploy

R: Review

We have found the usual approach for getting things done in a business is based on the decisions being made by management and then applying it, reviewing it and changing it if the outcome is not the one desired. This only takes into account DEploy and Review and bypasses THink and UNderstand.

A typical example of this approach is the manipulation of commissions and bonuses in the hope that sales will increase without understanding the motivators and drivers of individuals in the sales team.

Why does the THUNDER formula work?

The key differentiator of the THUNDER formula is contained in the first two elements; THink and UNderstand.

Thinking is one of the most critical, and unfortunately one of the most underutilised, skills in business. THinking is not just for the senior people in a business, it is for everyone. It is essential that everyone thinks through the process of their own purpose as well as the business purpose. Training is a key element here, but training on its own does not achieve purpose, training has to be understood and applied.

This brings us to UNderstand. Without understanding of both individual purpose and business purpose and how they work together very little will be achieved. We need to create and develop understanding in a safe and secure environment before it is put into practice.

It is only at this point that we DEploy and Review.

Only by bringing all four elements of the Formula together in a sequential, managed and facilitated programme will Purpose Driven Action be achieved.

With our focus on being client-centric, each THUNDER Programme is developed specifically for each organisation or business we work with and is put together using tools from our THUNDER Toolbox.

THUNDER Programmes

Our approach with clients is to always focus on the key underlying performance metrics that drive business purpose and business success. In commercial businesses these metrics are inevitably revenue and profit but in non-commercial organisations the core performance metrics may be something different and it is always important to identify these at the beginning of any engagement.

We then engage directly with the person ultimately responsible for the delivery of these metrics, and hence the responsibility for ensuring business success.

We jointly identify the key business areas that are not aligned, resulting in these areas not performing optimally, and develop an alignment programme based on the THUNDER formula to address these areas. We agree on targets for improvement in the performance metrics.

We find in many cases that we initially need to start off by identifying the alignment areas through the use of a number of the tools from our THUNDER Toolbox . Although the performance deficiencies are readily visibly, the underlying causes are often not clearly understood.

We have found that we generally start a programme by using one of the following three tools from our THUNDER Toolbox:

  1. Executive Coaching with the CEO/MD.

  2. Leadership programmes with the senior management team.

  3. Vantagepoint Workshops with the extended management team.

Each of these tools enables us to start to highlight areas that we need to focus on with the THUNDER Formula and to develop and refine the Programme, with deliverables, timing and costs.

There is no standard THUNDER Programme as every organisation is different, both in terms of its own purpose, as well as the people who work in it. We therefore develop a tailored programme for each of our clients. The common thread is that they all follow the THUNDER Formula of THink, UNderstand, DEploy and Review, but the tools we use and how we use them will be different in each case.

We have found that a typical programme will have a duration of a minimum of 6 months, comprising the following:

  • A quarterly two-day workshop, with

  • Regular weekly and monthly interactions.

We rarely get involved in full time interventions, although this can happen when we carry out interim management or project specific consulting functions.