Newsletter 14: Selling Your Product / Service / Solution

Selling is all about three things:

–              Good Relationships,

–              Solution Crafting and

–              Trust.

Fall down on just one of these and your career as a sales person will indeed be a very difficult one.

But follow the right “recipe” and sales will become the most enjoyable thing that you have ever done.

To help you close more deals:  I am going to take you through 7 steps – and more – to success in sales.

  1. Manage your sales pipeline so that it works for you and creates sales: This is a no-brainer and yet the place where most salespeople fall down.  It’s a revenue generator if done right.
  1. Build lasting business relationships quickly: Often a sales person is good at quickly forging relationships.  That is probably a big reason why you like selling. You like people and people like you. But building a lasting relationship that pays off in your business is a skill that is learned.
  1. Focus on your client need and not on your product: You have to help the client discover his need. Often they don’t know what it is! Turn wants, likes and dreams into needs.
  1. Close the deal: Employers don’t pay you a salary for the knowledge that you have. They pay for the deals that you close. “Tell me what results you have achieved. That’s all I can bank!”
  1. Become your client’s “go-to” person: Don’t be a one-time-wonder.  You may have made your client very happy at the original sale, but that happiness will soon turn to resentment and disappointment if not nurtured.
  1. Create sales strategies that provide solutions: Customers love problem solvers!
  1. Ring-fence your client so that competitors cannot get in! If you are not fulfilling the client’s needs, someone else will be too happy to.

Top sales people are those that put in the work, regardless of circumstances. They follow these steps.

Obstacles that sales people complain about in their career are more often than not placed there by themselves…

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