The CHAMP Servant Salesmanship System

Servant Salesmanship is an automatic outflow from a purpose driven organisation.

People buy things when they perceive value; and ultimate value is something that supports their achievement of purpose, either individual purpose or business purpose. To add value, we need to understand the purpose of those we are dealing with. 

We then need to package our solutions to ensure that our customers understand the value we are providing and finally, if we are to create sustainable and ongoing relationships with our customers, our solutions need to be unique and personal.

By following The CHAMP System our clients stay focused on the critical Servant Salesmanship habits that drive the creation of value adding solutions that are integral to achieving Business Success.

The five components of the CHAMP SYSTEM are:

Customers: Ideal customers are defined, both in terms of their demographics as well as their psychographics. This ensures that focus is kept on the customers you really want and ensures that time is not wasted running after everyone else.

Higher Purpose: You need to get inside your customers heads and understand why they really want to buy from you. What is their Purpose? What do they really want, rather than what you think they need? Meeting your customer’s purpose is the true essence of Servant Salesmanship.

Answer/Solution: What is your solution to ensure your products or services meet your prospective customer’s purpose? You must map and develop you products and offerings to ensure this. Don’t waste your time and money developing things your customers don’t want or need.

Merit/Value: You need to ensure the value in your offering by creating a direct link to the real benefits and value your customer will get when he spends his money. You need to ensure that this value is unambiguously understood and is so compelling that your customer has no doubts that he wants your solution.

Personal: You have to make your business and offering personal and unique. You need to be different and offer an absolutely compelling value proposition. Your customer must want to buy from you, and continue buying from you, and no one else. This eliminates all potential competitors immediately.