What do we do?

Business Mentoring and Coaching

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Management Team Mentoring and Coaching
  • Sales Team Mentoring and Coaching

Business Consulting Services

  • Interim Executive Management
  • Project and Operational Management
  • Sales Pipeline Development
  • Strategy and Budgeting Workshops
  • Business Networking Events

Practical Business Skills Development

  • Leadership Skills Development Programmes
  • Management Skills Development Programmes
  • Sales Skills Development Programmes

Operational Financing Solutions

  • Corporate Asset Finance
  • Supplier Asset Finance
  • Public Sector Finance

The key benefits of BSi Membership are:

  • Working with, and the support of, a group of like-minded senior experienced individuals who are committed to using other members in their business opportunities.
  • BSi branding and support for lead generation, marketing and sales activities.
  • Membership of BSi Mastermind Networking Groups at no cost.
  • Beneficial commission structures on total project revenue.
  • Access to and use of BSi tools and methodologies. Additional training may be required for some tools and methodologies.